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Yes, your team can have too much talent

This article was published in the 28-August-2014 issue of Finweek Magazine

We’ve all heard the catchphrases thrown around the workplace: the war for talent, managers needing to be talent magnets that attract A-players, and so on. Attracting top talent should be a top priority for competitive companies, because the more talented your team, the better the results you’ll get, right? Wrong. Ground-breaking new research indicates that there is a limit as to how much talent is good for your team. Too much talent can actually hurt, rather than help, you. Here’s why. Continue reading


Why talented people battle to get jobs

This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 3-Oct-2013 issue

Worldwide we’re facing exceptionally high unemployment levels. And yet in spite of this, companies complain they can’t find good people. How do you explain this disconnect? And what can we do to fix it? Continue reading


The impact of happiness on the bottom line

This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 13-June 2013 issuezapposhappiness

Unconventional shoe retailer Zappos is getting a lot of attention for its business model and culture centred on the happiness of its workers. And they are reaping the rewards. In yearly workplace surveys from Fortune Magazine and the like. Zappos has been consistently rated as one of the top companies to work for. They have also excelled in the traditional business metrics. It took Zappos under 10 years to reach $1bn in annual revenue. They were acquired by Amazon in 2009 for a sizeable $1.2bn. There is a powerful lesson here. Like Zappos, by putting the happiness and well-being of your staff on centre stage, companies can build a happy culture that is healthy for profits and growth. Continue reading


Can grooming talent to leave be good for business?

This is a guest post by Dr Gavin Symanowitz of FeedbackRocket.com. It originally appeared in Finweek Magazine (28 June 2012 issue).

ImageA colleague of mine related how he hired his personal assistant. In the job interview, he asked her why he should hire her. She replied simply, “Because I will make it my personal mission, every day, to make you shine”. What more could he ask for from a PA? So he hired her on the spot.

In my work, I come into daily contact with exceptional leaders and managers. I’m increasingly starting to notice a common trait among these managers. They adopt the same attitude as my colleague’s PA – but in reverse. These managers make it their personal mission, every day, to make their subordinates shine. They genuinely put the development of their subordinates above the short-term needs of the business. And, paradoxically, they are reaping the rewards. Continue reading

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Why everyone needs a bad boss


This is a guest post by Dr Gavin Symanowitz of FeedbackRocket.com. It originally appeared in Finweek (21 June 2012 issue).

Everyone should work for a bad boss. I know this seems to be strange advice, especially coming from someone who is dedicated to improving the quality of leadership in organizations. However, working for a bad boss can often have positive effects. Let me explain. Continue reading

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Work on your strengths, manage your weaknesses

This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 01-Nov-2012 issue

In the words of author Nathaniel S. Summers, “The strength of a person is often weighed by how they deal with their weaknesses.” By way of example, I’d like to share a true story with you. Continue reading