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Corruption: Can we stop the gravy train? (ACFE SA Conference talk)

Thanks to ACFE SA for the incredible opportunity today to present on ‘Corruption: can we stop the gravy train?’ at the ACFE SA national conference. At the start of my talk, 58% of the 600+ attendees felt we could not beat corruption, while only 35% of you felt we could. Hopefully, after my talk, you’re now more hopeful about the impact we can make if we work together, and use our votes and our voices to slash corruption in South Africa.

Some very controversial ideas and great questions. Thanks to everyone who attended. And a big thank you to ACFE SA for all their hard work to make the conference a success. Not easy in times of Covid but you guys did a great job! #ACFE#ACFESA#weCANbeatcorruption https://blog.fraudcracker.com/corruption-can-we-stop-the-gravy-train-acfe-sa-conference-talk/


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Threat.technology article: FraudCracker and EthicsDefender make it safe to report wrongdoing and fraud

Ben and his team run a great site called Threat.technology. You can stay ahead of the latest cyber threats with their articles on the latest advancements in information security. FraudCracker has also been featured in an article on their site. Find out more at https://blog.fraudcracker.com/threat-technology-article-fraudcracker-and-ethicsdefender-make-it-safe-to-report-wrongdoing-and-fraud-in-organizations/

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Guptas’ state capture cost South Africa nearly R50 billion

The Guptas’ state capture cost South Africa nearly R50 billion. But it could be even more. Read more at https://blog.fraudcracker.com/guptas-state-capture-cost…/ @paybackthemoney

Image courtesy of https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2021-05-24-the-totalish-cost-of-the-guptas-state-capture-r49157323233-68/

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Today is #GlobalEthicsDay2020

Today 21-Oct is #GlobalEthicsDay2020. This is your chance to stand up against wrongdoing like corruption, fraud, sexual harassment, discrimination, rape, or any form of wrongdoing. It’s about spreading the message that ethics and doing good matters. Find out more at https://blog.fraudcracker.com/today-is-global-ethics-day/. Please share pics of what you’re doing to support #GlobalEthicsDay2020. Thanks everyone!