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Hi there, I’m Colette Symanowitz. I run BeatingBullies.com and www.MBAconnect.net . I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, education, MBA-related issues, angel financing, networking, personal branding and technology.

I come from a project management and sales background spanning close to 10 years in the pharmaceutical and clinical research industries. I completed my BSc Honours in Pharmacology at Wits University, and then followed this up with a PDBA and MBA from GIBS, Johannesburg, one of the leading business schools in South Africa.

I have always been passionate about sharing knowledge and helping others get access to positive opportunities, so during the MBA took on the role of class knowledge-manager. Towards the end of the degree, I was approached by my MBA peers to start a community in order to keep the MBA network together after graduation. This was the seed that led to www.MBAconnect.net (more info below).

We’ve also recently started BeatingBullies.com, an innovative online tool to stop bullying in schools (more info below).

I’m an open networker. Connect with me at the following contacts:

email colette@mbaconnect.net or colette@beatingbullies.com
web www.MBAconnect.net or www.beatingbullies.com
twitter www.twitter.com/MBAconnect_net
or www.twitter.com/ColSymanowitz
or https://twitter.com/Beating_Bullies
linkedin http://za.linkedin.com/in/colettesymanowitz



Almost 50% of kids are bullied at school and the impact can be devastating. However, most bullying goes unreported. Why? Because face-to-face conversations are difficult and embarrassing, and kids are afraid the bully will find out that they’ve told someone.

Introducing BeatingBullies.com, a ground-breaking online tool to stop bullying in schools. How? By allowing kids to report bullying anonymously, to upload evidence, and to interact safely and anonymously with authority figures such as principals.



www.MBAconnect.net is a business social network exclusively for MBA alumni and current students from all business schools worldwide. On our site you’ll find business events, networking, MBA-level jobs plus lots more for MBAs. We have over 25,000 members.

Join up at www.MBAconnect.net.

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