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Why we need competitors

This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 2-Jan-2014 issue

Defeat your competition, is what we often hear in business. No company wants competitors, right? Wrong. Competition is good for your business. Here’s why. Continue reading


How the porn industry has driven internet innovation

This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 28-Nov-2013 issue and online

It may not be everyone’s favourite industry, but like it or not, the sex trade has driven many of the major innovations we see on the Internet today. The explosion of the Internet, the swiftness of broadband adoption and the penetration of 3G: all must be credited to the porn industry. You can thank porn for not only for the omnipresence of the internet, but also for many of the technologies that we accept as the norm: streaming video, online payment systems and live video chat on the plus side, to spyware and spam on the minus side. Finweek explores the internet firsts that were driven by the sex trade. Continue reading

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Raising funding – learnings from Everlytic

raising-funding+contractThis article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 14-Nov-2013 issue and online

Raising capital isn’t an easy decision for an entrepreneur. In order to expand rapidly, do you give up equity and control to get the investment you need? Or do you take the slower growth track, where sales fund your company’s growth and you get to keep 100% control of your baby? South African-born software company Everlytic chose to go the funding route. Finweek interviewed managing director Walter Penfold about Everlytic’s recent capital raise and what they learnt from it. Continue reading


If only I’d known that before studying an MBA! Hard work advice for prospective MBAs


This article was also published in the 14-Nov-2013 issue of Finweek Magazine

In the 2013 Finweek MBAconnect.net MBA Life Impact Survey, prospective MBAs get invaluable advice from MBAs who’ve been there, done that. This article unpacks the second theme: Be prepared for hard work, and lots of it. Continue reading