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Co-working space: The Common Room, open day 01-Sep-2013

Hi everybody

Thanks to everyone who responded to our post about a co-working space in Sandton, Johannesburg. We’ve found an incredible co-working space at The Common Room in Parkhurst, Johannesburg, and are partnering with them to open a Sandton, Johannesburg branch soon. Watch this space!

Here is more info about their Open Day session on Spring Day 01-Sep-2013:

“The Common Room is a communal co-working space in the heart of Parkhurst, designed with entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and creatives in mind. We have a Sandton branch on its way.

On the Sunday the 1st of September, The Common Room will host an open day session for members, friends, family and folk who like free craft beer and gluhwein, good food to buy and some chilled music. Come through and have a look at what we have to offer.

RSVP here

The Common Room on Facebook

See you there!

All the best



Vulnerable leaders make great leaders

This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 25-July-2013 issue

A few years back Tim Plewman ran a fantastic theatre show called “Defending the caveman”. In his comic style, he depicted men as hunters and women as gatherers. The idea that Tim created harks back to our cavemen days when the “ugga-ugga” alpha male needed to show his supreme strength and superior genes to win mates. Luckily, leadership has progressed a long way since then, with our very own Madiba advocating the humbler principles of leaders also being followers. Nelson Mandela is the living embodiment that vulnerable leaders make great leaders.

So according to leadership guru Joe Takash and other experts, what are the key traits of vulnerable leaders? Continue reading


What social skills are important for leaders in South Africa?

This article also appeared on Finweek.com on 8-July-2013

“What social skills are important for MBAs in South Africa?” I was recently asked this question in an interview about the MBA space and my business, MBAconnect.net.

MBAs are leaders, or on the path to becoming leaders. So the question could become “What social skills are important for leaders in South Africa?” This is a very important question that we as leaders need to tackle. Especially at a time when our country is crying out for strong, inspirational leaders at the helm, and when Mandela, South Africa’s most iconic leader, isn’t well. Continue reading

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Why do companies get blindsided and how do we stop this happening?

This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 27-June-2013 issue

As leaders, how do we improve our ability to spot what’s happening around us before others do? Vigilant, curious leaders recognise and act on the opportunities, threats, new ideas and novel business models emerging on the periphery of their business.

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Want to be part of a dynamic co-working space in Sandton, Johannesburg?

If you’re a consultant, entrepreneur, working in a start-up, a student, a freelancer, or a creative, you’ll know what it’s like to feel isolated, unproductive or demotivated in a home-office environment.

A co-working space solves all of these issues. It’s a shared office space where people can work independently but not alone, share ideas, collaborate and work productively while growing our businesses and business networks.

Despite the recent explosion of co-working spaces in South Africa, there just aren’t any in the Sandton, Johannesburg area currently. I’ve approached a number of co-working space operators around South Africa and a few are keen to start one in Sandton, provided there is enough demand here.

If you’re keen to join a co-working space in Sandton (or know someone who is), please let me know by email (colette@mbaconnect.net) by Wed 14-Aug-2013. This will give us a better idea of the demand and how many people a Sandton co-working space would need to accommodate.

What are the benefits of a co-working space?

1. Dynamic, vibey, motivating environment where you can work independently but not alone
2. Network and collaborate with smart, like-minded people
3. Bounce ideas off other people
4. No need to work alone from home anymore
5. Close to home, but not at home
6. Flexible short-term leases (e.g. month-to-month)
7. Low rental costs per month, no long-term commitments that your business cannot afford
8. Rent more or less space as your company grows or downsizes
9. Ideal for consultants, entrepreneurs, MBA students looking for a private space to study, startups, freelancers, creatives, etc.
10. Has all the facilities you need like meeting rooms, wireless hi-speed internet, security, printing, copying, etc.

Thanks for your help. Looking forward to your feedback.
All the best

Colette Symanowitz


It’s my company and I’ll charge what I want to

This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 27-June-2013 issue

nike-lebron-x-shoes-picAs consumers, we need to take responsibility for our choices. What we as consumers can learn from the Nike LeBron X pricing controversy.

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