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Google can forget you – but only in Europe

Want your past to be forgotten on the Net? Moving to Europe might be your best bet. Google doesn’t have to apply Europe’s “right to be forgotten” law globally. It must remove links to sensitive personal data from its search results in Europe when needed, but not for searches elsewhere worldwide.  https://blog.fraudcracker.com/google-can-forget-you-but-only-in-europe/

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British government still aiding repression in human rights-abusing countries

The British government continues to approve the export of hi-tech surveillance equipment and software of the type being used by states abusing human rights to monitor and repress dissent. This is according to new government data. https://blog.fraudcracker.com/british-government-still-aiding-repression-in-human-rights-abusing-countries/

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Protecting whistle-blowers in the digital age

Speaking at the #ACFESA Africa conference this week on protecting whistle-blowers in the digital age. Lots of interesting other talks. Great to see the move to digital happening more and more in all fraud-related areas – we need to be using smarter tools to fight smarter fraudsters. https://blog.fraudcracker.com/digitally-protecting-whistle-blowers/

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Call for forensic investigation into farmworker equity schemes

When 241 farmworkers became shareholders in the Langwyde Werknemers Trust 10 years ago, they were led to believe their lives would improve. Instead, many still live in dilapidated homes and are struggling to survive because they haven’t received any dividends from the company. The workers believe farm owners are exploiting them to benefit from BEE and get extra state funding. Find out more at https://blog.fraudcracker.com/call-for-forensic-investigation-into-farmworker-equity-schemes/

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VBS theft, money laundering & life’s little luxuries: Julius Malema’s time of spending dangerously

The lavish lifestyle and political aspirations of EFF president Julius Malema were funded from the R16m robbed from VBS Mutual Bank. Scorpio’s investigations show how the life savings of the poor and vulnerable VBS-depositors, plus municipalities around South Africa, paid for school-related expenses for Malema’s son, and Gucci, Louis Vuitton and tailored suits from designer Linda Makhanya, a Polokwane party venue and the EFF. https://blog.fraudcracker.com/vbs-theft-money-laundering-lifes-little-luxuries-julius-malemas-time-of-spending-dangerously/

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Inside entrepreneurs’ IP theft fight with Nedbank

Entrepreneurs Thandile Jwambi and Nicolas Kutumane are accusing Nedbank of stealing their card-blocking invention. In this real-life version of David vs Goliath, do the underdog entrepreneurs have a case? Find out more at https://blog.fraudcracker.com/inside-entrepreneurs-ip-theft-fight-with-nedbank/