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South Africa’s anti-money laundering measures under global spotlight

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the inter-governmental regulating body, are in South Africa to evaluate the country’s compliance with global money-laundering standards. The results could be damaging, as there are billions at stake. https://blog.fraudcracker.com/south-africas-anti-money-laundering-measures-under-global-spotlight/

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EOH blacklists 50 business partners in corruption crackdown

JSE-listed tech group EOH blacklists 50 enterprise development partners, and reports suspected criminal behaviour to authorities for investigation and potential prosecution. https://blog.fraudcracker.com/eoh-blacklists-50-business-partners-in-corruption-crackdown/ #corruption #criminal #investigation 

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The White House protects whistleblowers better than companies do

The White House system protects whistleblowers better than companies’ hotlines do. Harvard Prof Eugene Soltes tested the hotlines that firms should have, for employees to report wrongdoing. Often, these don’t work or don’t protect whistleblowers’ anonymity https://blog.fraudcracker.com/the-white-house-protects-whistleblowers-better-than-companies-do/

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Successfully navigating the post #MeToo workplace

On the surface, it looks like women are making progress toward equality in the post #MeToo era. But has it triggered real change for women in the workplace? How has the culture changed? And what can women do to be successful in the post #MeToo era?  https://blog.fraudcracker.com/successfully-navigating-the-post-metoo-workplace/

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U.S. sanction law targets Gupta network

It’s been a great week for the fight against corruption. The Gupta network of shady deals has been dealt a big blow, with the U.S. government hitting the family with financial sanctions that freeze all their U.S. assets. Those blacklisted are the Gupta brothers Atul, Ajay and Rajesh Gupta, and associate Salim Essa. https://blog.fraudcracker.com/u-s-sanction-law-targets-gupta-network/