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Strong leadership and punishment of corruption wrongdoers: steps to rebuilding confidence in South Africa

The Springboks’ decisive win in the Rugby World Cup has boosted every South African’s spirits (thank you Bokke, we needed this!) However, it’s a short-term boost, and our country’s long-term path will be determined by raising confidence in the long-term. To do this, we need to see 2 things:1. strong leadership, and2. punishment of corruption perpetrators. https://blog.fraudcracker.com/prosecution-of-corruption-wrongdoers-and-great-leadership-rebuilding-confidence-in-south-africa/ #greatleaders #punishcorruption

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Is there a place for humans in digitally disrupted accounting?

AI, IoT, blockchain… more and more, integration of financial data, intelligent software and vetting systems are leaving humans out of the picture – including the shady ones cooking the books. If bean counters are no longer needed to check and balance the books, are they still needed? And if so, what is their new role? https://blog.fraudcracker.com/is-there-a-place-for-humans-in-digitally-disrupted-accounting/ #accounting #digitaldisruption

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South Africa’s anti-money laundering measures under global spotlight

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the inter-governmental regulating body, are in South Africa to evaluate the country’s compliance with global money-laundering standards. The results could be damaging, as there are billions at stake. https://blog.fraudcracker.com/south-africas-anti-money-laundering-measures-under-global-spotlight/

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EOH blacklists 50 business partners in corruption crackdown

JSE-listed tech group EOH blacklists 50 enterprise development partners, and reports suspected criminal behaviour to authorities for investigation and potential prosecution. https://blog.fraudcracker.com/eoh-blacklists-50-business-partners-in-corruption-crackdown/ #corruption #criminal #investigation 

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The White House protects whistleblowers better than companies do

The White House system protects whistleblowers better than companies’ hotlines do. Harvard Prof Eugene Soltes tested the hotlines that firms should have, for employees to report wrongdoing. Often, these don’t work or don’t protect whistleblowers’ anonymity https://blog.fraudcracker.com/the-white-house-protects-whistleblowers-better-than-companies-do/