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Bullying and sexual harassment rife in the legal profession


Bullying and sexual harassment are rampant in the legal profession. This is according to the International Bar Association (IBA)’s global survey of nearly 7,000 legal professionals in 135 countries. Read more at https://blog.fraudcracker.com/bullying-and-sexual-harassment-rife-in-the-legal-profession/


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If your company is going through a public scandal should you leave?

If you’re working at a Gupta-tainted company like KPMG, and they’re going through a public scandal, here’s the big question: should you stick it out, or should you leave? Find out more at https://blog.fraudcracker.com/if-your-company-is-going-through-a-public-scandal-should-you-leave/

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Theranos whistleblower Erika Cheung on what went wrong and what’s next

Whistleblower Erika Cheung was key to the spectacular downfall of Silicon Valley blood-testing darling, Theranos. She stayed only 7 months before exiting, but not before uncovering massive fraud in Theranos’ blood-testing process. Read more at https://blog.fraudcracker.com/theranos-whistleblower-erika-cheung-on-what-went-wrong-and-whats-next/

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Sterling’s dark, dirty secret: a culture of sexual harassment and unequal pay for women

For 1000s of women, Sterling Inc., America’s largest jewellery retailer, was rife with sexual harassment, unequal pay and discrimination. But how did such a big, publicly traded firm keep this a secret for 14 years? Find out more at https://blog.fraudcracker.com/sterlings-dark-dirty-secret-a-culture-of-sexual-harassment-and-unequal-pay-for-women/

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P&G puts ad platforms like Facebook, Google on notice for fraud, harmful content, etc.

P&G blasted Facebook, Google, etc. for fraud, privacy breaches, harmful content next to ads, etc. P&G which spends billions of dollars on marketing products every year, wants to move its money to services that are free of toxic content. Find out more at