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If you work from home, get a dog

This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 6-June-2013 issue

If US stats are anything to go by, two out of three companies begin in a spare bedroom, garage, or possibly even a bathroom. In fact, that’s how companies as varied as Apple, Baskin-Robbins ice cream, Microsoft, Hallmark cards, the Lillian Vernon online gift catalogue and Purex laundry products got going. Thanks to the Internet, running a company from home is now more do-able and popular than ever before.

However, operating a home-based business also comes with its own unique challenges. How many times have I had a client on the phone when my kids started fighting, the neighbourhood tomcat began his piercing mating calls or there was the loud, unmistakeable jingle of the ice cream truck driving up and down our streets? What about the battle to keep work separate from family and personal life? And the loneliness of working from home can drive you crazy.

One solution to some of these issues: get a dog. Continue reading

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We recently conducted some ground-breaking research into the real impact that the MBA has on ALL aspects of the lives of MBA students and graduates. Not only the impact on career advancement and remuneration, but also on personal aspects like outlook on life, self-belief, relationships, and so on. We also looked at the negative aspects and the sacrifices that students make in areas like marriage, sex life, stress, social life, etc. The fundamental question the research aimed to answer was: Is an MBA worth it? Continue reading