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Growing from your career mistakes

This article also appeared in
Finweek Magazine in their 26-Sep-2013 issue

Singer Eddie Cantor once said: “It takes 20 years to become an overnight success”.  Behind every seemingly instant success, are years of slog work, learning, experimenting, and many failures along the journey. What differentiates great business people, however, is their very unique view on failure. Unlike most ordinary individuals, they are not afraid to fail. They see failure as a necessary part of the path to success, and an opportunity to learn and grow and do things differently.

So if success is a long and winding road of trial and error and iteration, are there any lessons we can learn along the way from successful leadership icons who’ve been there? Finweek asked South African business icons Alan Knott-Craig Sr., Kumaran Padayachee and Tony Leon what they regretted most about their careers, and what they have learnt or done differently as  a result.
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Making the transition from founder to CEO

This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 12-Sept-2013 issue

Do good founders make good CEOs? Often not. There are vast differences between leading a company as a founder and leading as its CEO. What does it take to close the gap and are founders cut out to be CEOs? Continue reading