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How to ace a job interview

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This article also appeared in Finweek Magazine in their 10-May-2012 issue

Job interviews are nerve-wracking for most of us. If you’re better prepared, your confidence will climb. Here are some useful tips on how to impress potential employers in an interview and increase your chances of being hired

  1. Live up to your promised skills. Don’t sell expertise that you don’t have, or successes you haven’t achieved. This kills your credibility and you’ll battle to find a job anywhere.
  2. Understand the culture and show real ways you can fit in. Cultural fit is critical. Even if someone ticks all the other boxes, if they won’t fit in to the company, many employers won’t hire them. To find out more about the culture, ask past or current employees in your network.
  3. Know their business. By doing your research to understand the company better, you’ll give more informed answers in the interview and boost your hireability.
  4. Demonstrate you’ll contribute quickly. Your future boss needs to prove that he/she made the right decision in hiring you. So show you’ll climb the experience curve fast and make a positive contribution quickly. The sooner the company can get a return on its investment in you, the better your chances of being hired.
  5. Make your employer look smart. There are egos in the workplace. So proactively look for ways to improve their business and have ideas that, if executed well, reflect well on your employer. You’re more likely to be employed.
  6. Make an impact and leave the interviewers with something to share. If they have something positive and memorable to discuss with other decision-makers, it will make you stand out from the other job applicants.

Author: Colette Symanowitz

Director of FraudCracker. Passionate about entrepreneurship, personal branding and networking. I also tweet under @FraudCracker

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