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Mzansi Gold Entrepreneurial Finance Event: What a Day!

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Thanks to everyone who came to our Mzansi Gold Entrepreneurial Finance event this weekend and for the great feedback. We had an incredible turnout despite the Currie Cup final and the Kings of Leon concert on the same day.  Also a big thank you to our speakers for sharing their funding experiences. All in all it was a big success. We plan to do lots more like this to help raise awareness that angel funding is now an option for entrepreneurs in South Africa.

There was lots of fantastic interaction and energy at the event. The Most Valued Person must go to Eran Eyal of www.springleap.com for his invaluable insights and for sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur throughout the day, thanks Eran!

Andy Hadfield, our resident digital expert, ran a live blog during the event, take a look at http://storify.com/andyhadfield/mzansi-gold-launch-event-at-microsoft-29-10-11

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, Mzansi Gold is an exclusive South African angel investor network that connects angels with high-potential entrepreneurs. To apply as an angel or entrepreneur to be screened for Mzansi Gold, go to http://www.mzansigold.com/apply and complete either the Angel or Entrepreneur screening form (whichever applies to you).

A big thank you also to Gareth of Microsoft BizSpark, and Noelle and Victor of Enablis for their sponsorships. Without them this event would not have been possible. BizSpark and Enablis are offering some amazing support for SA entrepreneurs, so check out their initiatives at www.microsoft.com/bizspark/ and http://www.enablis.org/

Hope to see you at one of our next events!

Take care

http://MBAconnect.net & http://www.MzansiGold.com

Author: Colette Symanowitz

Director of FraudCracker. Passionate about entrepreneurship, personal branding and networking. I also tweet under @FraudCracker

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